MapJam Canberra

This panel conversation was recorded live at the Canberra MapJam event as part of the 2014 Changemakers Festival in Australia’s national capital.

Melina MorrisonJames MoodyRob Crocitti

The panel features:

Melina Morrison, the CEO of the Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals

“We’re really seeing some rock stars of what I call the ‘new cooperative economy’ in areas like renewable energy and food cooperatives – these are all areas where people are trying to address a wicked problem that they themselves confront or they see confronted in their community through a collaborative business model that has a long legacy.” 

Twitter: @BCCM_AU

James Moody, CEO of TuShare

“Sharing and this idea of coming together to create value where there wasn’t value before is not particularly new… but the innovation – or you might say the technology trend that’s really starting to disrupt this industry is that now we can use anything from the mobile phone to online to create marketplaces where it was never possible to create marketplaces before… the sharing economy really, you might say, is a confluence of trends where on one side we’re making new marketplaces so that we can monetise these idle assets or time or whatever it might be by connecting people, and at the same time starting to build logistics, starting to find ways of removing the hassle around sharing this time and these assets.”

Twitter: @jamesbmoody

Rob Crocitti, co-founder of ParkHound

Twitter: @Parkhound2013

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