The social innovation “project”

This conversation with Martin Stewart-Weeks traverses all things social innovation. In particular, Martin refers to the social innovation “project” and cautions that the movement needs to be careful not to take itself too seriously and work with energy to be come more relevant to the wider conversation about social impact.

“We always need to  be very aware … that at the end of the day, many of these labels and many of these – how would you put them – more structural conversations are not terribly interesting to a lot of people. But what they are interested in is ideas, energy, advice, practical support, solidarity and so on to give them energy and momentum for their work – that’s the kind of stuff we’ve got to focus on, I think.”

About Martin Stewart-Weeks

Martin is a Board member of The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) and was the founder of the Australian Social Innovation Exchange (ASIX). Martin’s work as a public sector advisor – both within government and within the private sector – lends a broad sweep to his take on social innovation and its relevance at both the big end of town, as well as in the life of communities.

Twitter: @MartinSW

60-second snapshot

Martin Stewart-Weeks on the tribes of social innovation

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